Convert your unused airtime into cash, straight into your bank account


How does this work?

Example 1
John opened a second contract just to get another phone but he isn't using the airtime.
John's contract costs him R400 every month. Of the the R400 that he pays, R300 is airtime which he could use but doesn't. By using the AirCash app, John can forfeit the R300 (which he does every month anyway) but he can get 50% (R150) paid into his bank within 72 hours. That's R3600 over the 24 month contract period.

Example 2
Joan only has 1 contract but it has more airtime than she needs and she always has R500 left at the end of the month. She would much rather use that money to get a mani pedi. She can get 50% of that R500 paid into her bank within 3 working days...just in time for ladies night. 

Also, both Joan and John could have had this problem for months already, which means that Joan could have R1500 in unused airtime and John could have R900.

That's it. For more information, check out our FAQ page and download the app to try it for your self.
The app is 100% FREE so check it out.

This offer is only valid on cellular networks within South Africa. (i.e. Vodacom, MTN, Telkom Mobile, Cell C and Virgin Mobile)

Download the app using the link below and try it for yourself. 


10 July 2017
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